Final Reflection

I think I achieved all the learning goals laid out at the beginning of the course. I especially enjoyed applying what I read about in articles when designing my own course. Whenever a course offers the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned, it is the most effective way for learners to actually retain information. I have even started touting my basic rampages skills to my colleagues and feel as though I’ve “bought into” my own module learning goals – I’ve improved my online learning skills. I took the pre-test for my module to see if I was really ready to be a true online learner (Bri sent it to me early on in the summer). I did not score well and remember the advice at the end of the test suggested I rethink online learning. A few months later, I can say that I’m better prepared to enter another online environment because my technology skills, knowledge of online platforms, and ability to connect virtually with people is vastly improved. I also enjoyed reading about the history of eLearning and visions for the future. Even though the technology can get pretty complicated with a new tool coming out every 10 minutes, the basic design and implementation strategies remain the same – communication, connection, and community. The community of inquiry framework survey I will continue to keep in my office on my bulletin board as a constant reference for most any course I design or take.

I think the most effective learning activity was designing our own module – breaking it down piece by piece. At first, I wasn’t comfortable not knowing the structure of the project (i.e. the deadline, how I’d be evaluated, etc.) However, after reading further about the importance of the learning process, it all came together for me.  I cannot think of a least effective learning activity since they were all relevant (perhaps the feedly exercise since I never touched it after I created it). Really the course feedback that I have would be to shorten this down to 6 or 8 weeks in the summer versus 12. I think the course objectives/learning goals could be achieved in that time frame if you combined a few topics together in one week. If it remained 12 weeks, I could see the optional reflective tweet versus a blog post each week. It is much easier for me to see what the whole class thought about each weekly topic than to read a lengthy blog post. Just some thoughts. Overall, I’m a better eLearner and designer as a result of this course. Thank you!