Final Project

What would you like feedback on? What would help you improve your project?

I would like feedback on the design of the course site, lesson structure, content of each completed lesson, and where there could be areas for growth if I decided to lengthen the time of the course. Part of me is thinking if I wanted the module to run the full semester (13-16 weeks), what other lesson topics could be included?

How should we evaluate your project? According to this criteria, how would you evaluate your final project?

I would like for you to evaluate my project on the following criteria:

  • Using the COI survey, did I incorporate elements of teacher, social, and cognitive presence?
  • Do the lesson activities meet the learning goals?
  • Is my course site user friendly?

According to the criteria listed above, I think I incorporated teacher presence in that I clearly communicated important course topics, goals, and activities. I incorporated social presence by requiring and encouraging online discussion and collaboration through blogging. I incorporated elements of cognitive presence through problem-posing learning activities like the pre-test, case study, and 90 day action challenge. Those activities also allowed for brainstorming about possible solutions using relevant information and resources.

I think my lesson activities meet the learning goals except for understanding the campus resources available on campus. I’m not sure if I do a thorough job explaining the available technology resources students can utilize if they encounter problems. I will go back and think about including that in my course module so that I am doing a better job assigning activities that meet learning goals. Nevertheless, I think the module does a solid job helping students develop a goal action plan necessary for success in blending learning environments.

I also think the rampages set up couldn’t have been easier! Plus, I even utilized the ALT lab on campus and the faculty couldn’t have been better to work with. Once they gave me a basic tutorial, I ran with it. I think wordpress is definitely user friendly and my hope is students will feel very comfortable using a platform they will have to use for future courses.

What did you learn in the process of developing this project?

I learned the importance of being adept at using the technology you are trying to teach to your students. I decided to be more intentional about teaching my students how to set up and use rampages as lesson 1 because Monty reminded me that with each new online tool I introduce, I need to be able to teach that to my students. I learned not to be so content drive, but process-drive when it came to teaching. At certain points of the project, I would get caught up in the content of each lesson such as blogging about a particular topic, that I forgot I should probably lay the groundwork and teach my students how to blog first. The course taught me to take a step back and think more deeply about online course design and structure.