The Four I’s: Applying Jane Vella’s 4 Step Model of a Learning Task

After reading Jane Vella’s four step process in creating a learning task this week, I decided to apply it to my UNIV 101 course. I wanted to offer an opportunity to have a mid-semester check-in assignment to better grasp what they like, what they are struggling in, and how they are applying what we have learned thusfar in the course. The following assignment follows the 4-I’s model:

Learning Task: Mid Semester Check-In

Who: First year students enrolled in UNIV 101: Introduction to the University

Inductive: Write a paragraph about what you like about the class and how it applies to your college experience thusfar? What are you struggling in at this point? What topics would you like addressed for the remaining 6 weeks that are not listed?

*This was assigned as homework prior to class

Input: Read pages 75-79 in your textbook and watch my PowerPoint on Successful Study Skills in College, make a list of the types of study skills have you utilized thusfar? What study skills have you not used that you would like to try out before the end of this semester? We will hear from each student in class.

Implementation: Working in your time management groups (these were pre-assigned at the beginning of class), please update your Google calendar, paper planner, or smart phone app with assignments, study times, meeting times, job schedule, and anything else you have going on next week. Write down at least 1 new study strategy for each assignment that you want to practice.

Integration: Now that you have a more detailed plan going into next week, what are the positive implications of trying out new study habits? How will this impact your long term goal?

I’m open to feedback on how I applied the four steps since I totally buy-in to Vella’s dialogue education model. The more feedback I get from students along the way, the more focused I feel as an instructor and the more connected learners feel to the material.



One thought on “The Four I’s: Applying Jane Vella’s 4 Step Model of a Learning Task

  1. Mirror reflection- I love this, Mary. It is a wonderful application of the 4 I’s. I was somewhat unsettled following our group task last night in that I didn’t feel we portrayed a strong grasp of our understanding of the 4 I’s. Just my opinion. This actually helps ME to entrench my ability to translate these tools into working plans. Thank you. Shelia Regan

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