Project Status

Thank you to everyone who offered me constructive feedback about my course module. All of your suggestions were very helpful and insightful!


  1. I made a static homepage instead of a posts page so students do not have to click “continue reading” to see entire paragraph.
  2. I recreated the sub menu on the Course Information and Lessons page so students aren’t looking at a blank page. I simply copied the format Monty and Bri used by inserting hyperlinks.
  3. I decided to make my “icebreaker” and “rampages set up” the first lesson instead of embedding the icebreaker into my previous first lesson. I decided to use the Something You Want to Learn activity in addition to having the students share some personal info as their introductory blog. Again, I used Monty and Bri’s rampages set up instructions from our course site.
  4. I deleted my previous lesson 4 on time management and re-orded my lessons as follows: Lesson 1: Getting to know rampages and each other; Lesson 2: Am I ready for online learning; Lesson 3: Case study in hybrid learning; Lesson 4: 90 Day Action Challenge; Lesson 5: 90 day action presentation.

I decided against including an icebreaker activity that used twitter or snapchat since I am not a frequent user and I would have to provide detailed instructions on any new technology that I’m introducing. I thought for an introductory module geared toward freshmen I should stick to only one online platform (rampages). I think making the icebreaker/get to know it’s own lesson helps establish social presence early on. I thought the way this course was laid out was super clear and structured, so I borrowed a lot of my course inspiration from this one. Thank you, Monty and Bri! I do not think I will make further changes at this point and am open to further feedback on the changes I just made.


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