Learning Activities

This week’s readings on learning activities supported current ideas for my learning module as well as provided me with new ideas I would like to incorporate in order to increase the level of social and cognitive presence. The following is an outline of the possible activities that I will include in my learning module:


My students will be paired into blog buddies at the beginning of the course. Since they will be commenting on each other’s blogs about relatively sensitive and personal issues, I will assign an icebreaker activity at the beginning of the course. Each student will be required to write a blog post about something they already know about the subject, something they want to learn, and something that could happen in this class that would make it possible to learn what they need to learn. (Fitch, 2004). I will also outline expectations of appropriate and quality commenting on one another’s blogs as well as assure them of the privacy settings in rampages so they can feel free to openly and supportively engage in interactive discussion.

Case Studies

In my second lesson I want to provide a case study about a student experience in college hybrid course. I agree with this week’s authors that a case study can bring the topic to life and hopefully foster student engagement. I don’t want to students to fall into typical traps, so a case study of a student who was unsuccessful in a hybrid course could allow students to implement success skills early on.

Blogging/Conversation/Reflective Activities:

Students are required to blog after each lesson. Students will be paired into groups of 3 (blog buddies) for guided peer reflection. Blog buddies will answer specific questions provided by the instructor. Blogging is an excellent medium for social interaction because they are engaging in thoughtful, meaningful dialogue with one another versus synchronous discussion that limits the time needed for critical reflection (COI survey). Blogging also helps improve written communication skills, another valuable and critical success skill.

Project/Skill Building/Learner-Led Activities:

In my third lesson, students will complete a 90 day action plan that will target one goal specific to developing their online learning skills and post it on their blogs. It will be an individual project, but allow for opportunities for students to exchange ideas with their blog buddies, communicate clearly, provide peer feedback, and manage time effectively. These skills and more will all help in improving their college success skills in hybrid and online learning environments. As the instructor, I will provide feedback and guidance, but the student is in charge of leading the discussion on their own developmental goals and experiences.


Fitch, Carrie. (2014). Ice Breaker Activities for Use in College Classrooms. Retrieved from https://www.cloud.edu/Assets/PDFs/assessment/Inst.%20Strategy%20_Ice%20Breaker%20Activities.pdf


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