About Me

Mary_Waters-1Hello! Welcome to my professional site. I live in Richmond, Virginia – a place I’ve called home since 5 years old. I work as a Learning Organization Analyst for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). At VDOT, I facilitate workshops with statewide working groups (aka “communities of practice”) to produce knowledge sharing tools, such as e-books, videos, and presentations that capture best practices and lessons learned. Our goal is to enhance the agency’s ability to move what we learn as individuals and groups into what we know as an organization. Prior to starting a career in organizational development, I worked in higher education for seven years.

I received a B.A. in History and Political Science from Virginia Tech in 2006. Upon graduation from Virginia Tech, I worked at the Valentine Richmond History Center. While working there, I decided to pursue a graduate degree in History with a Public History concentration at Virginia Commonwealth University (2009 graduate). While I was in graduate school, I received a teaching assistantship. It was then I became aware of another passion of mine – teaching and learning. I enjoyed working with students in an academic setting. I not only led review sessions, but also met individually with students and coached them on how to think critically, analyze complex information, and come up with their own conclusions.  In 2010, I started working as an academic advisor in VCU’s University Academic Advising office. In 2015, I was promoted from advisor to Senior Advisor and then to Associate Director. While in my advising role, I realized the connection between human resource development with what I did in academia – facilitate learning.  From there, I enrolled in VCU’s Adult Learning graduate program for the opportunity to apply Human Resource Development theory, history, and methods of training and development. As Associate Director for a large advising office, I gained valuable skills in faculty recruitment, career coaching, onboarding, and performance management. I obtained my M.Ed. in Adult Learning in 2017.

I am highly analytical, detail-oriented, but also a strategic and process-oriented leader. I pride myself on open and transparent communication with those on my team. According to my Myers-Briggs assessment, I am an ESTJ (Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging). I enjoy structure, organizing projects, and developing efficient systems. In a team setting, I communicate honestly, directly, and like to stay busy. I consider myself extremely task focused and action-oriented, so I have to watch my tendency to want to move things along in a team setting before everyone has reached consensus. I also consider myself very friendly, outgoing, and hard working. I love learning and being around new people; therefore, I thrive in diverse team settings that work toward a common goal, especially when there is a tangible outcome and proven process improvement.


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